As daunting and tiring as a solo 11-12 hour drive can be, I am always able to spend hours with my kids upon arrival in Utah.

They give me LIFE!

They are, have been, and always will be the only thing that can affect me like this beyond God. They are my EVERYTHING!

As I lay in my old room, from 1992, I’m grateful for all the roller coaster rides in between then and now. I’m grateful for my rises to the top, and my near deadly falls. God, I’m so grateful.

Merry Christmas 🎄 🎁
Merry, Merry Christmas!!! 🎄 🎁


Stray Cat Strut



My work buddy today. Stray cat strut. Oh yeahhhhh. Zanzi’s my first little man cat. He was born outside and still visits his Mommy ‘n Sisters, but he is my guy. He sleeps in my room, holds my face in his hands, and is really just a love bug. He does eat more than any creature I’ve ever met before and cry if he’s hungry. What a baby! 💕 🐱

So random…


So, this was me last night. It wasn’t a good night. Friday nights should always be good, but since moving to Arizona, that’s not been the case. I desperately wanted, no I needed to speak, just let it all out for everyone to hear. We aren’t supposed to do that though right?

Public image. I own a business. I’m successful so I must have the perfect life for everyone to see. Attraction. Attraction marketing. It’s bull shit. I can’t do it. I’m strong in spite of the bad. I kick ass and have kicked ass. That should be the attraction!

I hope you stick around as I struggle in this suddenly empty nest. Watch me decorate my daughter’s old room and turn it into my Zen Palace. I think I’m already cried out on her moving out, but Christmas is still to come.

Maybe you can help me through decisions I can’t seem to make about staying in a sometimes happy, very lonely place with lots of cry weekends that shouldn’t happen. Perhaps you own the glue for this broken heart.

Definitely stay for the recipes, the motivation, and watch me get up time and time again. You can’t keep a strong woman down, or a short woman for that matter. We just pop right up again. Watch my friends grow, prosper, and see dreams become reality. That’s my raison d’etre.

Ohhhhhhhh, and stay for the

Love, Peace, and :mrgreen:

A mountain song…


I danced the tango as the moonlight waltzed across the mountains leading the way. The sun asleep behind them, the wind singing a mountain song, and I could not breathe for the beauty of this dance was too much for one to bear alone, the earth kissed my feet, and the dance continued.

Saving Austen- RIP


On October 12th, Austen suffered a grand mal seizure. She’s been in ICU since. She’s been diagnosed with meningitis. The Doctors say she has brain damage, that things don’t look good, but we are praying for a miracle. 

We thank you so much for any assistance you can give, and for sharing this story with others, so we can cover Austen’s miraculous recovery.

Donny, Andrea, & Tristan
(Daddy, Mommy, & Big Bro)

Visit our GoFundMe site by clicking here, or on any of Austen’s photos.



Austen passed away on Wednesday. She gracefully met God. We will miss her eternally. Thank you for your support.

So this is Lake Michigan

Late Thursday evening we got back from an 11 day vacation in Michigan. There’s so much to show you from that gorgeous state, but I’ll start with Lake Michigan.










Laying on a beach towel with someone you love, listening to the tide…bliss, of another kind.

Peace, love, & happiness,


This is the start of Something Wonderful


Do you need to lose 10 years instantly?INSTANTLY AGELESS

Do you want to set the clock back 10 years & stay that youthful?LUMINESCE YOUTH ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM

Wanna be sure it works?LUMINESCE TESTIMONIALS

Do you want your energy back, youthful skin, & weight loss?ZEN BODI

Do you want to save money on products, build your confidence, & make some money in your spare time, or even in your social media time? JEUNESSE GLOBAL DISTRIBUTOR

Contact me

Esther St James
(480) 648-8573

Are you giving up?


Don’t let those negative people in your head for one minute! If you are in network marketing, you joined that company “WHY”, you have faith in that company and in your products.

Not everyone will make it through the 1st year in Network Marketing. It’s defeating in many ways. You will hear no more than any other time in your life. This will be mostly from the people you envisioned saying YESSSSSS. It happens to everyone.

We move on.
We build posture.
We remember our WHY.
We reconnect with our love, that feeling we had the day we joined, and we just keep moving on to the next person.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it’s a job, and you are the boss!

Berry Blue Banana Shake


For dessert tonight, a Berry Blue Banana Shake!

With Zen Bodi, I don’t have to replace a meal with a shake. I don’t have to starve myself. I eat, I take my Zen Shape, wash it down with a cold bottle filled Zen Fit, exercise, eat as usual, and get that extra meal with Zen Pro. I love it!

Check out the results of our very own Zen Bodi Girl, Rassami Latmore


Just had to share

My good friend, fellow Warrior Goddess, and business partner, Cari, sent me her results after only week using our Luminesce Youth Enhancement System aka Y.E.S. Here are her results:


Luminesce Y.E.S. is uses all natural ingredients and features stem cell technology. Even the sunscreen in our day lotion is made from green algae. Personally, this is huge for me. I’m fair skinned. I don’t want skin cancer, nor do I want another cancer from chemical sunscreens.


Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex


Luminesce Youth Enhancement System

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